CrewGo Staff App

Section 1: Getting Started with CrewGo Staff App


The CrewGo Staff provides tools and features that make the job of an employee more efficient and effective. By using the app, staff can view their schedule at a glance, check-in to an assigned job, set availability, edit timesheet, etc.

Downloading the App

CrewGo Staff App supports both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

How to download CrewGo Staff app in your iOS device

1.   Launch the App Store.
2.   Tap the Search icon on the bottom right of your screen.
3.   Type CrewGo Staff in the search bar.
4.   Tap Get once you’ve found the app.















How to download CrewGo Staff app in your Android device

1.   Launch the Google Play Store.
2.   Tap the Search icon on the bottom right of your screen.
3.   Type CrewGo in the search bar.
4.   Tap Install once you’ve found the app.

(Screenshots to follow)

Section 2: Creating an Account

Account Setup for Staff

Create your CrewGo Staff account by following the below steps:
1.   Launch the CrewGo Staff app from your device.
2.   Tap Sign-Up.

3.   Fill-out the required information.
4.   Tap Sign-up.
5.   Tap OK.

Activating Your CrewGo Staff App

Now that you have registered an account on your device, an activation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that you have provided. Check your junk/spam folder just in case the activation e-mail got delivered there.

1.   You will receive this e-mail after your successful registration.
2.   Click Activate Account.

Log-in to Your CrewGo Staff Account

Once you have activated your account, you can now log-in to the CrewGo Staff app.

1.   Launch the CrewGo app from your device.
2.   Tap Login.
3.   Enter the registered e-mail address and password, then tap Login again.

Completing Your CrewGo Staff App Profile

After your successful log-in, the app will require you to complete your profile.
1.   Tap OK to complete your profile.
2.   You can enter/edit your First Name, Last Name, Address, and Phone Number.

3.   Tap Skills.
4.   All available skills will be displayed on this page. Tap the skills that you possess.
5.   Tap Done.

6.   Tap Sub-Skills.

7.   Depending on the skills that you have selected, it may or may not have a sub-skill. In the example below, Stage Management has sub-skills. Tap the sub-skill that you possess.

8.   Tap Done.

9.   Tap Experience.
10. Select the number of years and months.
11. Tap Done.

12.  Tap Transportation if you have your own vehicle that you can use when reporting for work. Tap Willing to Be a Team Leader if you want to be a leader. You can also enter a brief Bio.

13.  Select Areas Preferred to Work by tapping the plus + icon.

14.  You can select up to 3 areas. Type the first three letters of the location and the app will suggest locations. Tap on the location.
15.  Tap Done once finished.
16.  Tap Partner Association if you have a partner organization.

17.  All Partner Association requests will be displayed on this page. Tap Accept if you want to accept the request. You can also tap Reject.

18.  Tap Upload to upload your documents and files.

19.  The app will send a link to your registered address where you can manage your profile and upload documents. Tap OK.
20.  You will be redirected to a web page where you can edit/update your profile.

A link to your profile will be sent via your registered email, where you can upload related documents like qualifications, induction etc.

To upload related documents to the skill, via the opened URL or via email access link click Skills, tap to look for skills that required qualification. Under the Qualifications column, circle/dot appears grey colour to indicate that the skill is required to upload qualification.

Click on the Grey Dot to upload the specified document.

Click on  Induction and tap  Add New Induction, expand the existing induction to modify.

21.  Tap Save to save updated profile details.
22.  Tap OK. You will be redirected to the Job Offers once you have updated your profile. See Accepting Job Offers for more information.

Section 3: Job Offers & App Check-In

Accepting Job Offers

NOTE: If you have sign-up for a CrewGo Staff app yourself, you need to wait for a CrewGo Partner to have you associated with them before you can receive any job offers. Similarly, a CrewGo Manager user will invite staff to use the CrewGo Staff app for job bookings, etc.

You will be redirected to the Job Offers page after updating your profile. The Job Offers are highlighted in orange.  The lighter shade of orange means you have opened and viewed that offer already.

1.   Tap on the job offer.
2.   You will be redirected to the Job Details page. Tap on Induction, Optional Details and Qualifications to know more about the requirements of this job before accepting the offer.

3.   Tap Accept Job if you want to accept the offer.

4.   Depending on the job, the app will ask if you can complete all the requirements. Tap Yes.

Ignore Job: If you tap this option, the app will ask you if you are really sure if you want to ignore the job offer.

Make Unavailable: Tap this option to make yourself unavailable on the date of the job.

Checking-in At Your On-Going Job

If you have an on-going job for the day, the app will ask you to check-in after logging into your account. Gone are the days when you have to punch in your timecards manually to record your start time. CrewGo Staff app can do that automatically. When you check-in at your on-going job, this means you are actually punching your timecard but this time using the CrewGo Staff app.

To check-in at your on-going-job:

1.   Tap Check In.
2.   Enter the time of your check-in.
3.   Tap Done.

4.   The app will display that the total number of hours of the job which is 9 hours. It will also display your Next Break In.
5.   To check if your check-in time has been recorded, tap Job Details on the tap of the screen.

6.   You will be redirected to the Job Details page. Tap Edit Timesheet.
7.   Your check-in time from Step 3 is reflected here.

NOTE: You can use the check-in, Complete the job, Take a Break and End Break functions during an Ongoing job to reflect on the timesheet. Otherwise, Edit Timesheet is able to change Actual Start Time/Actual End Time and Breaks 

Completing a Job

1.   Once the planned end time for a job has been reached, you will see a message flashed on top of the Ongoing Job page.
2.   Tap Complete Job.
3.   Choose the time when you have completed the job.
4.   Tap Done.

Editing Your Timesheet

You can edit your timesheet if you have completed the job or you have already checked-in.

1.   Tap the menu icon and tap Completed Jobs.
2.   Tap on the job that you want to edit the timesheet.

3.   Tap Edit Timesheet.
4.   You are allowed to edit Actual Start Time, Actual End Time, and Breaktime.
5.   Tap Update Timesheet once finished.

NOTE: All timesheets are reviewed thoroughly by the Supervisor or Admin Officer before getting approved.

NOTE: In the Breaks section of the timesheet, the blue blocks are the planned break times of the one who booked the job. Red blocks are the break times or other times submitted by the staff either manually or through GPS tracking. Times entered by the Supervisor will also appear as red.

Section 4: Using the Menu Functions

The core functions of the CrewGo Staff app is found under the menu. The menu is located on the upper left corner of the screen.

Access the Menu Functions

To access the menu:

1.   Tap the menu icon.
2.  Tap on any of the following menu functions.

Viewing Jobs

You can view all jobs assigned to you by going to the Job functions found on the menu.

1.   Tap Jobs.
2.   All Jobs that have been assigned to you will be displayed on this page.

You will notice that Jobs are colour-coded depending on their current status:

Red means the job has been booked.

Blue means the job is on-going.

Orange means the job is open which needs an action from you.

Gray means the job is locked.

NOTE: You can also tap Ongoing Job to check-in or view that job. See Checking-in at Your On-Going Job for more information.

3.   Tap on any job to show its details.
4.   View all the details of the job on this page. You can scroll down to view more information.

5.   View all your files for this job by tapping the icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
6.   All your files will be displayed here.

7.   You can also call or video chat with your Supervisor by tapping the icons above the files.

Your On-Going Job

If you have an on-going job for the day, the app will automatically go to that page after logging in. You can also go to your On-Going Job by tapping the menu icon.

1.    Tap Ongoing Job. The app will redirect you to your on-going job and it will ask you to check-in if you haven’t checked-in already. See Checking-in at Your On-Going Job for more information.
2.   You can view the details of your on-going job here.

Viewing Your Completed Jobs

1.   Tap Completed Job in the menu.
2.   The page will display all your completed jobs. Tap on any job to view its details.

3.   View the details of your completed job from here.

Job Offers

View your job offers by tapping Job Offers in the menu. See Accepting Job Offers for more information.

Off Call and On Call

1.   Tap Off Call or On Call in the menu.
2.   You can tap on the button icon to set it ON or OFF.

On Call Status will ignore your current unavailability and preferred area to work based on your current location.

On Call Job Offers will be sent until On Call is switched off.

Accessing Your Messages

To view your messages:

1.   Tap Messages in the menu.
2.   Your messages will be listed on the next page. You have two tabs, Received and Sent. If you have read a message, that message will have a lighter shade of orange. If it’s unread, the message is highlighted by a darker shade of orange.

NOTE: You can only reply to a message you received by you cannot initiate a new message.

Terms and Conditions

1.   Read the terms and conditions of using the CrewGo Staff app by tapping T&Cs.
2.   The Staff Terms and Conditions will be displayed on this page. Scroll down to read the entire document.
3.   Tap Close once finished.

Privacy Policy

1.   Tap Privacy Policy in the menu.
2.   Scroll down to read the entire Staff Privacy Policy.
3.   Tap Close once finished.

Setting Availability

As a staff, you can set your availability using the CrewGo Staff app.

1.   Tap Availability.
2.   You will be redirected to the Availability page. All jobs assigned to you are marked on this calendar.

Take note on the Availability colour code on the calendar:

3.   Tap a date on the calendar to set your Availability. The Set Availability options will be displayed on the screen.

4.   If you are not available for the whole day tap Unavailable for the whole day. You can also repeat this setting by tapping the field next to Repeat. You can set it by daily, weekly, fortnightly, or none.

5.   Tap Set.

6.   You can also set unavailability for specific hours. Instead of tapping Unavailable for the whole day, tap Start Time.
7.   Select the time and tap Done.
8.   Tap End Time, then select the time and tap Done.
9.   Tap Set.

To undo your Unavailability Date, follow below steps:

1.   Tap on the date of your unavailability.
2.   Tap on the check mark icon.

3.   Tap on trash icon bin.
4.   Tap Set.

Accessing Your Profile

Your profile has been setup during the registration process. To view your profile:

1.   Tap Profile in the menu.
2.   Tap the edit icon to update/edit your profile. See Completing Your CrewGo Staff Profile for more information.

Changing the Password of Your Account

1.   Tap Profile in the menu.
2.   Tap Change Password.

3.   Enter your Current Password and nominate a New Password. Retype the New Password.
4.   Tap Change Password.
5.   Tap OK.

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