CrewGo Booking Portal USER GUIDE

Section 1: Getting Started with CrewGo Booking Portal


The CrewGo Booking Portal provides ease-of-use functions to create, book, and manage multiple jobs. It also allows the user to process payments, view payment history, add and assign supervisors, view staff, manage user’s profile, etc.

Sign-Up Page

Go to the Sign-Up link to create your account in CrewGo Booking Portal.

1.  Enter all required information for the Booking SignUp. All fields with asterisks are mandatory fields.

First Name
Last Name
Re-Enter Password

2.  Read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the CrewGo Booking Portal. Tick the box once finished.
3.  Click Sign Up.

4.  Check your registered e-mail for the verification. You can also check your spam/junk folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered in that folder.

5.  Click Activate Account in the e-mail confirmation that you received from CrewGo Bookings.

NOTE: If the Activate Account link is not working, you have to go back to CrewGo Bookings Portal and re-register your email address.

6.   You will be redirected to CrewGo Bookings Log-in page once your account is activated. Enter your e-mail address and password.

Login to Your CrewGo Booking Portal Account

1.  Enter your registered e-mail address and password.
2.  Click Login.

You can also login to your CrewGo Booking using your social media accounts.

–  Click Sign In using Facebook to login using your Facebook account or Sign In using Google+ to login using your Google+ account. A new window will automatically pop up to login to your social media account.

–  Enter your Facebook or Google+ login credentials on the new window.

–  Click Login once done. You will automatically be redirected to the CREWGO Bookings Portal.

3.  If there are changes and/or updates in the Terms and Condition and/or Privacy Policy, it will be displayed on the screen. Tick the box if you read and agree with the updated T&Cs.

4.  You will be redirected to the Main Home Page of the CrewGo Bookings Portal.

Set Up Payment Method

You need to setup your payment method before you can add or create job bookings in the portal. The CrewGo Booking Portal accepts Credit Card and PayPal as your payment method.

1.  Click Payment Setup found on the left navigation bar.

2.  You can now add your credit card here or setup your PayPal.

Credit Card as Payment Method

1.  Click Add.

2.  Enter the following information:

Credit Card Number
Expiry Date

3.  Click Submit once completed.

PayPal as Payment Method

1.  Click Setup Paypal.

2.  Click PayPal to connect with PayPal.

3.  Click Proceed with Sandbox Purchase.

4.  Click Submit. The portal will display a successful registration of your PayPal Account.

After setting up your payment method, you can now add/create job bookings in the portal.


Section 2: Home Page View

The Home Page view is the default landing page after your successful login. You will be asked to select a partner after every login to the Booking Portal.

NOTE: You must be a CrewGo Manager Customer to use the Booking Portal.

Administrator Utility Bar

The Administrator Utility Bar (AUB) is located in the top-most part of the web page. The main functions of the AUB include the following:
– Add a New Job
– Profile

Dashboard View

The Dashboard offers a quick glance view of information about your jobs. It displays your Total Jobs, CrewGo Jobs and CrewGo Manager Job. A pie chart is also available to present the status of all your jobs and the number of jobs per status.

Left Navigation Bar

The left navigation bar contains the core functionalities of the CrewGo Booking Portal. Its features include the following:

Payment Setup
Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
Switch Partner

Section 3: Jobs Functions

Create/Add New Jobs

There are two ways to create/add jobs in the CrewGo Booking Portal:

1.  Click Jobs on the left navigation bar.

2.  Click Create a New Job.

You can also click Add a New Job from the Main Home Page view.

3.  Fill out the required information for the job.

Industry: Select the industry from the dropdown list.

Job Title: Enter the job title for the job. If left blank, CrewGo Booking Portal will use the Job ID.

Location: Type the first three letters of the job location and the portal will suggest the location for you. A red pin will be dropped on the map once the location has been set.

Meeting Place: This is an optional field but can be very helpful for the staff.

Start Date: The starting date of the job.

End Date: The completion date of the job.

4.  Click Save and Continue.

5.  Select Skill for your job in the dropdown list. Specify the number of staff needed for the job.
6.  Enter the Start Time and End Time of the job.

7.   Click Add Break for the breaktime of the staff.

8.  Add Break 1 Start and Break 1 End.

9.  Click Add This Job.

10.   You will be redirected to the Job Details page and you have the following options:

Save Job: Save the job which you can edit later.

View Quote: See how much the job cost.

Book Job: Book the job now.

At the upper right corner of the Job Details page, you can also:

Edit This Job: Edit the details of the job that you are creating.

Delete Job: Cancel or totally delete this job that you are currently creating.

View Quote

If you clicked View Quote from the previous step, the portal will calculate the cost of the job. Click Save Quote and click Close.

Click Book Job to book the job in the portal.

After booking the job, you will be redirected to the Job List page.

Book a Saved Job

You can still book a saved job even if it is already past the date which has been selected when the job was saved.

1.  Click Saved Jobs in the left navigation bar.
2.  Click one of the saved job to open it.

3.  Click Job Options in the upper right corner of the page.
4.  Click Edit Job.

5.  Follow the steps in creating a job. See Create/Add Jobs for more information.

Once all the details of your have been finalized, click Book Job.

Rebook a Job

Rebooking a job simply means you want to have the same job but scheduled to a new date.

1.  Click Jobs List in the left navigation bar.
2.  Click the job that you want to rebook.

3.  Click Job Options.
4.  Select Rebook Job.

5.  Select a new start date by picking the date on the calendar.
6.  Click Submit.

7.  You will now have the option to save the job or book it.

Editing a Job

You can easily edit the details of a job by simply going to the Job List in the left navigation bar.

1.  Click Jobs List in the left navigation bar.
2.  Select the job that you want to edit.

3.  Click Job Options on the top right corner. Click Edit Job.

4.  Editing job is similar to creating/adding jobs. Modify the details of the existing job and follow the steps in Create/Add New Job.

Assigning a Supervisor

You can assign Supervisors to your future job bookings. Supervisors are tasked to manage a group of staff to ensure that the objective of the job is achieved.

1.  Click Job Supervisor in the Job Options.

2.  Tick the box to assign the Supervisor in the job.

3.  A message will be flashed on the screen after a successfully assigning a supervisor in the job.

Adding a New Supervisor

1.  In the Supervisor page, click Add New Supervisor.

2.  Fill out the details of the new Supervisor.
3.  Click Submit.

4.  The name of the supervisor will automatically appear on the Supervisor page.

Deleting a Supervisor

1.  Click Delete next to the name of the supervisor that you want to delete.

2.  Click Confirm on the confirmation pop-up box.

NOTE: Deleting a Supervisor cannot be undone.

Viewing Staff

1.  Click Jobs List in the left navigation bar.
2.  Select the job that you want to view staff.

3.  Click Job Options on the top right corner. Click View Staff.

4.  The View Staff page will display all the staff for the selected job.

Section 4: Left Navigation Bar Functions

The left navigation bar holds the core functions of the CrewGo Booking Portal. It allows you to add jobs, set payment methods, switches partners, etc.


The job functions are discussed extensively in Section 3: Jobs Functions

Payment Setup

For more information about payment setup, see Setup Payment Method.

Terms and Conditions

To read the terms and conditions of using this portal, click Terms and Conditions in the left navigation bar.

Privacy Policy

To read the privacy policy of this portal, click Privacy Policy in the left navigation bar.

Section 5: Managing Your Profile

Profile allows you to modify your profile details, upload photo, and change the default break for future job bookings.

Updating Your Profile

1.  Click your Profile Name found in the upper right corner of the screen.
2.  Click Profile.

3.  Update the following information in your profile:

First Name
Last Name
Mobile Number
About Me
Break Time
Profile Image

3.  Click Save once finished.

Changing Your Password

1.   Click your Profile Name found in the upper right corner of the screen.
2.  Click Change Password.

3.  Enter your Current Password and nominate a New Password. Retype Password to confirm.
4.  Click Reset Password.

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