CrewGo Manager, a better way to manage your staff

CrewGo Manager' partner platform is set to revolutionise the labour hire industry by making admin easy

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CrewGo Manager is for all sorts of businesses, large and small

CrewGo Manager streamlines your staffing by making it easy to organise and manage workers for different projects. Whether you’re a huge labour hire company or just a small business, you can take advantage of this unique software.

Retail -

Shops, chemists, news agencies, clothes sellers and retail outlets with single or multiple locations can use the CrewServr Apps to view staff GPS and track their working hours in real time

Construction and Trades -

Organise skilled workers with a range of trade professions for short-term or long-term positions on projects

Office Staff -

Temp data entry, receptionists, PAs and secretarial staff are seemlessly recruited and managed with the all-in-one package of apps and software

Medical -

Facilities requiring casual hires like nurses, cleaners, support. Administration staff can use the system to easily roster skilled workers to fill vacancies

Hospitality -

Cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, food courts and festival venue food stalls can use it to manage temporary cooks, servers, and cleaning staff

Education -

Teachers, university lecturers, tutors, substitute placements are sourced easily using the CrewServr technology

Manufacturing, Transport, and Logistics -

Easily book drivers, warehouse staff, skilled workers, and even temporary labour to empty shipping containers and manage work yards

Security Guards -

Easily manage your teams of static guards, mobile patrols, venue security guards for events, retail stores, warehouses and construction sites

Cleaners -

Effortlessly roster and keep track of your commercial and domestic cleaners, carpet cleaners, event, retail and public transport cleaning staff

Carers -

Maintain your workforce of child care centre staff, day care centre staff, before/after school carers, home visit and professional carers with ease

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